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Why choose Klereo

Why choose Klereo?

Make the most of your pool, with Klereo!

  • Klereo controls all your pool functions!
  • Klereo frees you from the maintenance and winterising chores for your pool!
  • Klereo always uses the right dose to keep your pool water crystal clear.
  • Klereo provides significant reductions in consumption of water, pool maintenance products and electricity!

This is what Klereo does for your pool!

Klereo controls:

  • Automatic regulation of the filtration system (as a function of temperature)
  • Automatic regulation of water treatment with the correct dosage of disinfectant and pH.
  • Automatic regulation of freeze control.

Klereo controls and programmes:

  • Lighting, heating and cleaning of your pool
  • Other equipment in your pool and garden : counter-current swim, lighting, fountain, etc.

Klereo reports:

  • Display of your pool’s parameters
  • Alerts for filter clogging, tank empty (pH/disinfectant), etc
  • Display and monitoring of power and maintenance products consumption

Klereo saves:

  • Savings on power, maintenance products and water
  • Protection for equipment in your pool : pumps, liner, etc

    The Klereo system : To find out more
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