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The company

Klereo is a subsidiary of the Somfy group, world leader in home automation systems.

Klereo’s directors, Jean Mars BOUTET and Omar SAAID have almost 30 years’ management and development experience between them in the field of car electronics, so they are entirely familiar with low-power wireless technologies operating in harsh environments.

The systems Klereo offers are the fruit of many years of research and development, collaborating closely with experts in swimming pool design.

Having developed a full range of innovative swimming pool electronic security systems in 2003, five years later, in 2008, Klereo’s electronics, IT and chemical engineers developed and finalised the Klereo regulation and control system for all swimming pool equipment.

Combining vehicle and building technologies, Klereo produces reliable products to meet the everyday expectations of swimming pool professionals and users. We guarantee the quality of our products with individual factory testing of the circuit boards, probes and sensors, etc

Klereo is now the leading manufacturer of intelligent systems for swimming pool maintenance and controlling all pool functions, such swimming pool filtering, water treatment, heating, lighting, pool robots, pool cleaning and other auxiliary functions.

For trouble-free enjoyment of your swimming pool!

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