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The Klereo system

The Klereo system is fully compatible with all swimming pool water treatments: Chlorine, salt electrolysis, active oxygen, bromine, UV!
Sensors measure the various parameters of your pool : air and water temperatures, pH, disinfectant, filter operation and state.

Klereo regulates according to its analysis and the parameters set.
The information is centralised, and Klereo reports adjustments required and carries them out automatically.

Automatic control with Klereo
Lighting, heating and cleaning your pool, following your instructions.

Klereo reports back in real time, on the display unit, by mobile phone or over the internet*
It displays the main parameters for your pool, together with power, water and maintenance products used. *optional

Klereo issues alerts on the display unit, by mobile phone* or over the internet*
The Klereo system warns you of functional problems, such as a clogged filter, empty treatment product tank, filter malfunction, freezing, and so on. *optional

Operational principle!
Klereo-the intelligent system that frees you from pool maintenance chores!

Klereo technology: To find out more
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