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The Klereo range

Klereo is the most comprehensive automatic pool maintenance product on the market!

It is also the best pool water treatment system* because as well as delivering the correct amount of pH and chlorine, it controls filtration time and reports on the level of clogging in the filter.

* Fully compatible with swimming pool water tratments such as chlorine, salt electrolysis, UV/active oxygen, bromine.

The Klereo product provides:

  • Automatic control of filter time depending on temperature
  • Automatic control of the freeze control function
  • Automatic control of heating
  • Automatic controle of lighting and other auxiliary outputs (water fountain, garden lighting, etc.)
  • Savings in power, maintenance products and water
  • Display of pool parameters
  • Display and monitoring of power consumption and maintenance products
  • Clogged filter alert and other alerts requiring a response
  • Protection of pool equipment (pumps, liner, heating, etc.)