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The Bioclimatic pool concept

With BioClimatic Pool by Klereo™ , you swim in comfort,
while also protecting the environment.

BioClimatic Pool by Klereo™: a question of balance

The pool is a natural environment, subject to biological and
climate changes: sunshine and UV, water and air temperature,
type of water treatment used, and so on. Changing any one of
these parameters affects all the others, and can thus create
an imbalance.
Balance is restored by corrective action on the water in the
pool, taking all the parameters into account. But no matter
what correction is made, the dose has to be carefully and
accurately measured, to restore and then maintain this
fragile balance.

Accurate regulation

The BioClimatic Pool by Klereo™ concept considers the
pool as a whole, applying a process for maintaining the
balance rather than a global intervention (general addition
of chlorine for instance, or continuous filtering), which
normally only helps to exacerbate the imbalance. It is a
matter of considering all the bio-climatic factors which
operate on the state of the water in the pool, controlling
them accurately and sensibly, with the correct dosage to
maintain good quality water at all times.

User health

All too often, it is the swimmers who pay the price of the
approximate doses and the use of incorrect chemistry.
The balanced Bioclimatic pool environment controlled by
Klereo ensures quality water which does not irritate the
eyes, the respiratory system, skin or mucous membranes,
and so helps to keep the pool what it should always be, a
pleasure to use!