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Klereo comparisons

  • frees you from maintenance chores
  • ensures you have clear, pure water
  • saves you electricity, water and maintenance products
  • protects the equipment in your pool

The traditional maintenance procedure is compared with automatic Klereo maintenance, for the two main functions - filtration and chemical water treatment.

1. Filtration:
It represents 70 to 80% of water treatment. Its effectiveness varies according to pressure and filtration time. What is the main advantage of Klereo.

Filtration time
Traditional maintenance Automatic Klereo maintenance
  • Impractical setting using a mechanical clock
  • Not optimised for weather (which is essential, nonetheless).
  • Thus:
  • excess power consumption costs
  • water quality problems
Klereo monitors and controls filtration time continually, with its built-in weather sensor:
  • more efficient filtering
  • energy savings

The Klereo extra : freeze control protection built into the production model


Filter pressure
Traditional maintenance Automatic Klereo maintenance
  • Measured with an inaccurate pressure sensor, impractical and the back of the technical room.
  • Cleaning the filter at set times, without flexibility
  • Thus:
  • does not properly comply with the cleaning requirements
  • excess water consumption.
With its accurate pressure sensor in the production model, Klereo :
  • knows when cleaning is necessary.
  • knows if there is a malfunction (e.g. jammed skimmers, pumps without power)


  • filter always clean
  • water savings
  • Protection for your expensive equipment.

2. Chemical treatment:

Chemical treatment is important for the health of the bathers and protection of the pool.
What is Klereo’s main advantage as regards water treatment?

Traditional maintenance Automatic Klereo maintenance
  • Measurement using inaccurate test strips
  • Manual and empirical dosage of chemical products (shingles, granulate, liquid or salt)
Klereo continually determines the correct treatment dosage, according to the pool’s actual need.
  • Consumption of chemical products finally controlled
  • Algae and bacteria actually stopped
  • Your skin is protected.
  • No more stinging eyes.

The Klereo extra : you are warned if maintenance products run out.

As well as managing filtration and chemical treatment, Klereo can also manage the cleaning robot, heating, lighting and other auxiliary outputs (outdoor lighting, water fountain, counter-current swimming, etc).