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  • Klereo


On-site and remote control (internet and telephone) of pool


  • 1 Klereo display
  • 1 POD remote control unit (Internet & telephone)
  • 1 electrical main unit and electronic controller
  • 1 multi-sensor tube (sensor for pH, chlorine*, water temperature and pressure)
  • 1 air temperature sensor
  • 2 detectors for maintenance product
  • 2 pH and chlorine* dosing pumps with accessories
  • 1 kit for chemical analysis (pH, chlorine*, stabiliser, TAS and TH) and pH and ORP calibration.

* there are variants for salt electrolysis, bromine and active oxygen.

Stay connected with the internet option!

Klereo gives you internet access to information about the state of the pool, with secure access to a dedicated site. Klereo keeps you informed. If anything changes in your pool you will know about it, even if you aren’t there ! You can control heating, lighting, etc., remotely. This information is also available from your mobile phone (depending on the model)

Peace of mind, with your pool installed by a professional!

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