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Extended warranty


As well as the two year basic warranty, Klereo will also offer you a contract for an extended warranty of a further 2 years. This gives you complete peace of mind against any faults in operation from defects in components, manufacturer or design. Klereo undertakes to repair your Klereo free of charge for 4 years*

*except for consumables

You have free access* to our after-sales operators, from 9am to midday and 1.30 to 5pm Monday to Friday.

A dedicated after-sales team helps you to resolve any malfunctions in your Klereo.

A team available to answer your questions:

  • Advice about using your Klereo and its normal maintenance
  • Pre-diagnostic assessment of a malfunction
  • Organisation of the Klereo Expert’s response
  • Follow-up to the Klereo Expert’s response

*Except for telecommunications costs

Non-contractual document. For all contractual undertakings, see the general conditions of sale.

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