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Advice from our experts

Advice from our experts

Every swimming pool installation is a unique project. Our experts are ready to advise you about the various types of water treatment (chlorine, salt electrolysis, bromine, active oxygen, etc.), the design of the filter and filter pump, heating and other functions that may be regulated or controlled by Klereo products.

The Klereo system is suitable for all traditional in-ground swimming pools, already installed, and new pools using sand or cartridge filters. Klereo products are fully compatible with all swimming pool treatments, such as chlorine + pH, salt electrolysis + pH, active oxygen + pH, bromine + pH.

Our Klereo experts are at your service to advise you about other swimming pool functions, such as filtering, heating, lighting, robots, cleaning and other auxiliaries for the pool that the Klereo products may regulate or control.

Along with the advice provide by our experts, Klereo gives you significant savings on your main costs, such as electricity, water, heating and pool maintenance products.

For trouble-free enjoyment of your swimming pool!

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