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Each pool project is unique. Our specialists will advise you on the different types of chemicals (chlorine, salt chlorinator, bromine, active oxygen, etc.), filter pump sizing, heating and other features that can be controlled by Klereo products. Klereo system adapts to all conventional, buried, installed swimming pools and new ones using sand or cartridge filters. klereo products are 100% compatible with any pool water treatment such as chlorine + pH, salt chlorinator, active oxygen + pH, bromine + pH.

Klereo experts at your service to advise you on all the other available pool features regulated by klereo, such as filtration time, swimming pool heating, lighting, cleaning, and other swimming pool auxiliaries.

Klereo is the key to major energy savings
Thanks to Klereo and our expert’s guidance you will reduce energy costs, water usage, heating, and no more waste on pool maintenance products.

For a pure pleasure pool experience, without the constraints!

Your Klereo guarantee

Klereo guarantees its products* for two years for its customers. We guarantee the quality of our products with individual factory testing of the circuit boards, probes and sensors, etc.
*except for consumables

Klereo selects duly qualified professional partners, who have all been trained in installing and operating the various products in the range, before achieving “Klereo Expert” status. Only a Klereo Expert can install our products in your pool, and provide you with the right maintenance contract for your needs, in order to guarantee operation of Klereo products.