Frequently asked questions

The swimming pool

Is Klereo compatible with all types of swimming pool construction?

Klereo is compatible with all types of swimming pool: concrete, wood, polyester shell, kit pool, etc, and any style:

  • Sunken
  • Semi-sunken
  • Above-ground

Klereo may also be adapted for an existing pool.

The filter/filtering

Is Klereo compatible with all filters?

Yes, Klereo is compatible with all types of filter:

  • Sand filter
  • Diatomaceous earth filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • Sand filter type with a different filter medium

Does Klereo report the level of clogging on the filter?

Klereo measures pressure with a precision pressure sensor on the filter. Klereo shows the pressure measured on a display and/or on the internet, with a simple readout. When pressure is too high (above a set level), Klereo sends an alert that the filter is clogged.

Does Klereo control the filtering?

Yes, Klereo automatically controls the filter time needed for your pool as a function of temperature, the pool volume, and the flow rate of the filter pump.

Water treatments

What types of water treatment are suitable for KLEREO?

Klereo is suitable for 4 types of water treatment:

  • Chlorine
  • Active oxygen
  • Bromine
  • UV cell : this may be coupled with any kind of disinfectant, although normally it is used with active oxygen
  • Salt electrolysis

Klereo automatically regulates water treatment to ensure the most effective and economical disinfection process possible, providing bathing comfort and protection for the installation.

What parameters does Klereo measure?

Klereo uses precision sensors to analyse the following parameters:

  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • pH
  • Disinfectant
  • The condition of the filter

Klereo adjusts the water treatment according to the values measured, in order to optimise the process.

What information does Klereo provide?

Klereo continually reports the values of your swimming pool’s parameters. Klereo also tells you when there is an alert, for instance if the filter is clogged or a disinfectant tank is empty, giving you optimal pool management.

How can I pick up alerts about my pool?

The Klereo system warns you of functional problems, such as a clogged filter, empty treatment product tank, filter malfunction, freezing, etc. Warnings appear on the display unit, and you can also have an alert sent to your mobilie phone (sms) and by e-mail.


Does Klereo control the heating for my pool?

Yes, Klereo can control and programme the heating for your pool, so you can bathe at your preferred temperature. Klereo can control your heater, the heat exchanger and heat pumps.


Does Klereo control my pool cleaning robot?

Yes, Klereo can control your cleaning robot, if it is fitted with a vacuum point.

Auxiliary functions

What functions does Klereo control?

Klereo can control and programme several devices for your swimming pool and your garden. Depending on your equipment, Klereo can control :

  • Your pool lighting
  • Your garden lighting
  • Counter-current swim
  • Water blade
  • Fountain
  • Garden sprinkler

What programming options are there?

Klereo can control and programme lighting and/or other functions for your pool, via the display unit and/or the internet. You can thus provide pool lighting while you are away from home for several days, to create the impression that the house is occupied.

There are several modes available, giving you complete autonomy over management of your pool’s auxiliary functions:

  • The time slot mode : This gives complete autonomy, by scheduling time slots. The equipment starts up and stops at predefined times.
  • The timer mode : The auxiliaries can be set to operate for a fixed period, so you do not have to worry about turning them off.
  • Manual mode (control unit) : manual start and stop, using the display unit.


Does Klereo tell me about energy consumtion, use of cleaning products, etc?

Yes, Klereo gives you a regular report on your consumption history, so you know your energy needs, maintenance product needs, etc.

Does Klereo really help make savings in terms of energy consumption and use of maintenance products?

Yes, Klereo provides real energy savings, from 25 to 75% reduction found in energy use by a filter pump.
Klereo also enables savings in treatment products, since it adds them at the correct dose, according to the measurements made.

Does Klereo really help make savings in terms of water consumption?

Yes, the alerts mean that Klereo can tell you when the filter needs washing. Normally, the filter is washed at regular intervals, but sometimes the date can be extended, and other times it has to be brought forward.
Klereo also saves water because it adjusts the water treatment products according to need, which is not necessarily the case for manual maintenance. If too much product is added to the pool, or the wrong product is used, it has to be partly or completely emptied, to correct the situation and clean the water, resulting in increased water consumption and the associated costs.


Is Klereo compatible with all Internet access providers?

Yes, Klereo is compatible with all Internet providers. Klereo connects to your box with an RJ45 connector.

What is the advantage of having an internet access? (optional)

The advantage of the internet connection is that you can check the main parameters of your pool directly at any time on the Klereo display unit, via the internet on your computer* and on your mobile phone*.

*With subscription : Having internet access allows you to control the pool parameters remotely : lighting, heating, filtering, etc., an ideal way of giving the impression you are at home when you are away, or of turning on the pool heating before you arrive at your second home, for instance.


Is Klereo compatible with active winterising?

Yes, Klereo is compatible with active winterisation, since it has a Freeze control mode, ensuring the installation can maintain a low temperature for a long period.