A complete range of products for a smart technical room

With the Bioclimatic Pool by Klereo technical room, the pool is managed automatically and smartly. Reliable technology, ease of use, remote management, control of its consumption, Klereo offers its customers easy and comfortable management of their swimming pool.

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Our range of products

With the Bioclimatic Pool by Klereo technical room, the pool is managed automatically and smartly, in order to offer the user a good experience with his pool. To do this, our solutions take into account all the bioclimatic factors acting on the state of the water and regulate them as precisely as possible, with the best possible dosing, to maintain a constant water quality.

The Klereo electronic control units are equipped with the K-link communication bus which allows interoperability between the different functions of the pool: filtration, water treatment, heating, lighting and others auxiliaries.

So, to obtain the best water quality the Klereo Flo variable speed pump maintains the speed water circulation to a minimum and automatically increases to ensure the heating and disinfection functions or when the cleaning robot is activated. It is at maximum speed, if necessary, for the filter backwash, skimming or overflow functions for example. The anti-freeze protection function is ensured in the event of low temperatures.

Klereo Valve regularly cleans the filter and removes impurities.

Elegant, reversible and efficient, the Klereo THERM heat pump is equipped with full technology Inverter. It adapts its capacity and performance to the heating requirement.

Klereo Connect allows remote control thanks to an advanced and intuitive interface connected to the cloud Klereo. A precious tool for pool maintenance.

The consumption of electricity, water and chemicals are counted and displayed for a better pool monitoring. A permanent diagnosis allows to activate protections in case of malfunction. The history of events is accessible for preventive maintenance.